interactive sound installation in the virtual world Second Life


year of production: 2007-2008
concept, image, sound arrangement and LSL scripting: Sachiko Hayashi
scripting consultant: Johan Bichel Lindegaard and Richard Siegel
original sound source: Magnus Alexanderson
commissioned by Tagging Art with support from the Danish Art Council
SL location support: Humlab, Umeå University, Sweden
© sachiko hayashi 2008
thanks: Tagging Art, Johan Bichel Lindegaard, Richard Siegel, Magnus Alexanderson, Patrik Svensson and James Barrett, Humlab


year of production: 2008
running time: 2 min. 58 sec.
concept, image, sound arrangement: Sachiko Hayashi
original sound source: Magnus Alexanderson
© sachiko hayashi 2008
thanks: Annette Finnsdottir, Toko Loon, Jannne Janus



"N00sphere Playground" in the virtual world Second Life is an interactive sound installation in which avatars' own movements trigger various preprogrammed sounds. With its form that imitates and modifies a playground sphere, the work expresses the joy of play through the experience of interactive sounds. Beneath its surface, however, is an underlying notion of noosphere, closely related to Henri Bergson’s idea of "Èlan Vital" and its role in evolution. Thus the installation witnesses the unique inter-relation between creativity and play manifested in the dreamscape of Second Life.

The machinima "N00sphere Playground" takes this installation work to another level by fusing its core concept with machinima visuals. Expressed in it is a dual position over our notion of an ideal future, a crash between its optimism and its back side. With implied alienation of individuals trapped inside the imprisonment of idealism, the machinima "N00sphere Playground" takes another tone from the original installation, leaving the viewers its intended ambiguity by continuing into the theme traditionally expressed in science fictions.

The original installation "N00sphere Playground" was commissioned in 2007 by Tagging Art in Denmark with support from The Danish Arts Council for "Virtual Moves" exhibition at the National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst), Copenhagen. For its realisation in Second Life it further received support from Humlab, Umeå University, in Sweden.

Special thanks to Annette Finnsdottir.


N00sphere Playground (2008) from Sachiko Hayashi on Vimeo.


SL installation shown at:

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, 2008, as part of "Virtual Moves" exhibition

machinima shown at:

Senko Gallery, Copenhagen, 2008
"Machinima" organised by Gallery Maskinen at Humlab, the University of Umeå, Sweden, 2010
(scheduled)"Machinima", Creative Industries Precint, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2010