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Sachiko Hayashi works with moving image, audio-visual, interactivity, and sound.

Believing art is a crystalisation of perspectives and communication thereof, Sachiko's work is born out of and often (but not always) deals with her own experience as Other (gender, racial, ethnic, and aesthetic) and how to resolve issues surrounding identity within a highly developed technological, scientific, and/or media society. 

Often asked questions are what is desirable (and thereby what is not) and how does it affect one's own psyche and a society as a whole.

In recent years, she has been focusing on interactive audio-visual performance using gestural/motion recognition.

Born in Tokyo, Sachiko spent a year in USA as an exchange student at Wallnut Hill High School, Mass. at the age of fifteen. Later she graduated with a BA in International and Cultural Studies from Tsuda University, Tokyo, known for its feminist agendas after its founder Umeko Tsuda.  It included some credits she received from Stockholm University (via the International Graduate School).  This was further complemented with a MA in Design and Digital Media, Coventry School of Art and DesignCoventry University, UK, and additional two years' postgraduate studies (one of those years as a special student for Prof. Max Book) in Computer Arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. After graduation, she has been actively pursuing art practice in the intersection between New Media and Contemporary Visual Art.

Sachiko's work has been shown world-wide including Transmediale (Berlin), the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Stockholm), Saitama Museum of Modern Art (Japan), and Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater (New York). Some of her works are published on DVD and CD-Rom collections by Aspect  Magazine (Boston), the Experimental Television Center (New York) and Rhizome (New York).  One of her computer graphics became part of the permanent collection of the US Library of Congress via Exit Art's Reactions Exibition

Sachiko's other merits include founder and curator of DIAN network for net artists,  editor of the new media journal Hz journal for non-profit organisation Fylkingen in Stockholm, and curator of Yoshikaze virtual residency in Second Life for Humlab, Umeå University.  DIAN (Digital Interactive Artists' Network) was linked from Whitney Museum's artport in the early 2000s, and Hz journal has been linked from several universities in USA and Sweden as reference literature. She has also been artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center (New York), USF (Bergen) and Humlab (Umeå, Sweden), has done lectures on Electronic Art and New Media Art at Linköping University, a guest lecture at Humlab, as well as a joint lecture with Gunhild Berggreen at the Department of History, the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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