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Memory Loop is a collaborative video series with Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, consisting today of three videos.   The series deals with the unnamable feeling about the time past, which was and still is captured in our family photographies.  Photography as weaving the thread of time.

year of production: 2014-2015

music: Jair-Rohm Parker Wells

"Process" consists of five video clips, each featuring a dancer and his/her movements. It discloses the behind-the-scenes creative process and blurs the line between the public and the private. Revealing what is normally hidden, "Process" creates an in-between space where the exposed reenacts with the concealed.

year of production: 2011

thanks: Constance Cooke, Jung-Ah Chung, Nadia Oussenko, Helen Tudway-Cains, James Brasic, Pamela June Millar, Ellen Bromberg, Grace Salez, Dance for Camera Victoria Canada

Interview on Process in Stigmart Magazine


The Mundane Impressionable is a video series that explores the magical moment in which the ordinary in our mundane life becomes extraordinary. A forgotten memory of the truth that the life resides in those forgettable moments of human activities.


year of production: 2003-2007

music and sound source for Harajuku and Hallmare: Magnus Alexanderson

"Boop-oop-a-doop" is an observation and investigation of our daily life and plays with 3 different elements: creation of identity, media culture, and our own desire to be somebody else. By taking up two prominent figures in mass media culture, namely Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop, the work focuses on how these three elements intermingle with one another, re-enforcing each element each time.

Combining analogue and digital video techniques, "Boop-oop-a-doop" displays complex imagery in which such historical video synthesizers as Paik-Abe's Wobulator, Jones' Colorizer and FairLight are traceable.

year of production: 2003-2004


sound source: Magnus Alexanderson

thanks: Experimental Television Center, NY

included in Aspect Magazine DVD compilation vol. 7 Personas and Personalities as well as the Experimental Television Center's Experimental Television Center: 1969-2010 DVD Set


MASH  Video Trilogy is a project by MASH (Magnus Alexanderson & Sachiko Hayashi), a duo formed in 1991 to investigate various combinations of audio and visual components and their effects. 

year of production: 1996-2001

Streched in Dark was commissioned by the Swedish National Institute of Concerts and the whole trilogy was chosen for a national tour by the same institution to be shown at 8 different cities in Sweden.

music: Magnus Alexanderson

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